In transit

BS_Los Mostros Hostel

On my way to Santiago, DR, I had a long layover in Panama City and decided to spend the night at Los Mostros Hostel. Kinda wish I’d looked up what “mostros” means just so I’d be in on the joke, since the cabbies at the airport had a pretty good laugh before they explained that it means “monsters.” :) This place is super cute with really friendly staff…pretty glad that’s the case since I spent most of my time here, prepping for my arrival in the DR.

A few years back when I went to Dubai, I became slightly obsessed with bathroom signs because every hotel, restaurant, venue there had their own take on the design…hence the photo above.

Travel for Good


Post 1 of hopefully 30+, at least one for every day of my trip this winter (since I’m otherwise awful at staying in touch).

For those of you who didn’t know, I’m spending the next month in the Dominican Republic, working with Yspaniola, an NGO that empowers the marginalized Haitian and Dominican population living in Batey Libertad by providing opportunities for sustainable development through education and access to resources.